Center of Attraction

Change underlined to underline on hover. Here are some entities which makes Manthan fest a delight to attend. Come and win no lose competition. Winner shall be awarded with prize on victory.

Win attractive prizes

Each events will have a winner to which decided prize money will be given. In some events runner up will also be awarded.

Clash of Creative Ideas

Students will show / present their IDEAS, hence it will be great to see who wins and there will be tough competitions between students. Let's see who wins!!


College is providing free Transportation service. So students can get to Fest Easily. Vehicle will be sent to a particular point to which student has to come.

State Level Techfest

It is a State Level Techfest so there will be students from around Gujarat. Our main target is to incourage students in technical activites and in extra curricular activities as well.


As we agreed, Nobody goes empty handed. Here each Participant will be honoured by Certificate of Participation after all the events are finished.


Only Name of event is given. All the events are set Department wise.

Please click on the link for Template: Paper Presentation & Poster Presentation

Highlights of Previous Techfest

Our Story

We PACIFIC School of Engineering focus on students's intrests rather than just studies.

Goal - "Competence development in diversified areas – Engineering programs, research and Consultancy including management areas". Our vision is to facilitate quality technical education, training and expertise to the student, Transform them into committed technocrats, Develop a vital sense of moral and ethical values and To established one of the leading world class private universities in the coming years.

Here are some Salient Features of our Institute :

  • Promoting Education since 1995
  • Well-stocked Library
  • Strong industry interface and practical approach
  • Frequent educational tours
  • Wi-Fi Campus

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